Black Force High Security Combination Padlocks


Combination Padlocks are convenient yet secure, suitable for multiple users where key operation would not work,Combination padlocks offer a 3,4,or 5 wheel option depending on the level of Security you may require, options such as CEN Grade and Sold Secure are available.

  • Bluetooth/Smartphone

    Bluetooth/Smartphone (1)

    We all move very quickly with technology and Padlocks are no different,Masterlock have developed this Bluetooth Padlock for use with a Smartphone with 2 Models 1 for Internal and a seperate one for External Use, you can throw the keys away unless your Smartphone Battery dies!!
  • Brass Body

    Brass Body (1)

    Brass Body Padlocks have a non corrosive body to resist the good old British Weather!!
  • Coloured Design

    Coloured Design (2)

    Coloured Padlocks are the ideal way of identifying particular uses for a Padlock, other uses may be for Fun or your favourite colour!
  • High Security

    High Security (6)

    With High Security Padlocks we advise clients to look how expensive the items are behind the padlock you may purchase, it is estimated that the average Garden Shed contents cost around two thousands pounds to replace. The Thief or intruder will come equipped if they are sure that the loot is worthwhile, if they are successful in destroying the padlock.  In essence you are buying time with a High Security Padlock, most would be thieves are looking for a quick in and out, hanging around trying to break the padlock for hours is risky. Most High Security Padlocks have added features such as a Restricted Key to avoid unauthorised duplication as well as Boron Shackles and Anti-Pick Key-ways, they look impressive and ready to do battle if required!!
  • Rustproof

    Rustproof (4)

    If you need a padlock for outdoor use, choose one rated at least as weather resistant. The body of a brass padlock won't rust, but the internal springs will if they're made of steel. Lower cost "weatherproof" padlocks are often ordinary low cost brass or laminated padlocks, fitted with a plastic jacket to offer a level of protection against the elements, whilst purpose designed weather resistant locks will utilise materials such as stainless steel, brass and phosphor bronze, etc. Remember however that if you need a padlock to be used in hostile, salty environments such as the seaside or for use onboard a ship or boat, you should be looking for a proper "Marine" padlock rather than just a weatherproof one.
  • Travel & Lockers

    Travel & Lockers (10)

    The Transportation and Security Administration Board in the United States requires access to a travellers Luggage without the owner present, they accept certain locks which are known as TSA Padlocks which means they can inspect your luggage without destroying your suitcase or Bag and send you on your way!!
  • TSA Approved

    TSA Approved (6)

    What benefit does a TSA lock bring? They allow you to lock your case, so you can protect your valuables and holiday souveniers when your luggage is in the hold whilst allowing the appropriate security authourities in the USA, to search your bag and re-secure it. Security officials at all airports have the right to search inside any luggage to ensure it is safe to travel. If you use a normal padlock to secure your case for peace of mind and to keep your belongings safe, and the baggage authorities want to search your bag they have the right to do so and may need to cut off the lock all together. Failing that they may damage the bag to get at the contents and once the bag is deemed safe to fly they may not be able to secure it again. If you are using a TSA padlock to secure your luggage and are travelling in the USA, it is spefically designed to allow the appropriate authorities into your bag to check it is safe, and then re-lock the bag so it remains secured. The authorities have a master key that they use to open the lock, that is only avaliable to official TSA trained staff. We use the travel sentry logo on our cases to alert the TSA staff it is an approved lock. If you aren’t planning on travelling to America you can still use a TSA lock, like you would any other padlock.